Into N2 Nitrogen Generator

Our unit comes plug-and-run! With a supply of clean, dry air from your compressor or a compressor purchased from us, we can provide you with all the nitrogen you will need for your laser cutting. By utilizing PSA technology and the best carbon molecular sieve material available in the world, we are able to produce nitrogen at flow rates up to 12,000 SCFH (depending on model and usage flow). Nitrogen is required to make your laser efficient. Our nitrogen generator uses the latest technology in PLC controls and makes nitrogen only when you need it. It will provide an unlimited supply of nitrogen and can run multiple lasers at once. With our proven boost pump technology and control, you have high pressure nitrogen at 500 psi output on demand. We offer a 3000 SCFH, a 6000 SCFH, and a 12,000 SCFH.