Into N2 PSA-3K-PB500 nitrogen generator.

Weight: 4,000 lbs


Purity at 2400 SCFH - 99.00% N2
Purity at 1400 SCFH - 99.90% N2
Purity at 800 SCFH - 99.99% N2

  Customer Supplied Provisions:

1) One breaker protected, 480V power supply to the boost pump (Approximately 20A). The boost pump will be provided with a fused lockable disconnect.
2) Dry, oil-free shop air supply, 85 SCFM at 130-145 psi.
3) Shipping expense from Minden, Nevada to the customer's location. Loading at Minden will be provided by INTO N2, LLC.

Manufacturer Training Included!

Drawing of Generator with Specs

Into N2 PSA-3K-PB500 nitrogen generator drawing.