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Into N2 Boost Pump and Air Mixer in front of our booth at FabTech 2019.

Into N2 Assist Gas Specialty Company had three of their executives at Fabtech Chicago, November 2019.
We specialize in Nitrogen Generators, Shop Air Boost Pumps, and Mixers for the laser cutting industry.

The Into N2 booth at 2019 FabTech

Into N2 Boost Pump and Air Mixer in front of our booth at FabTech 2019.

Into N2 3K Nitrogen Generator behind our booth at FabTech 2019.

FabTech 2018 Announcement

Into N2, nitrogen generator manufacturer. Cut your nitrogen costs by 70% to 90%.

New INTO-N2 Shop Air Cutting Feature

July 2, 2018

Into-N2 the nitrogen generator company that created N2 generators specifically for the laser cutting industry, now offers the ability to use shop air for laser cutting in addition to the high purity nitrogen that our generators produce. It allows you to have two systems in one. Our testing shows that when cutting aluminum you can increase the cut quality and your feed rate up to 40% and then with a simple valve selection you are back to cutting stainless with high purity nitrogen. This gives all laser operators the ability to maximize the potential of their laser and switch from cutting different materials in just a couple of minutes. Into-N2, we use what we sell! Contact us today at or call (775) 267-3035 and let us reduce your nitrogen cost by 70% to 90%.

New Member joining the INTO-N2 team

March 5, 2018

INTO-N2 is announcing that Ken Stokes is joining the INTO-N2 management team. Ken will hold the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Ken Stokes joined INTO-N2 January 26, 2018 as the new Chief Operating Officer. Ken’s background is in Manufacturing, Finance, Promotions and Sales.

The role of Ken Stokes is to lead the execution of strategies developed by the top management team at INTO-N2. Ken is taking the responsibility for delivering results on a day-to-day, quarter-to-quarter basis. Current specifics cover the areas of:
Delivery of products
Customer care
Office Management
Product Finance
Information & Control

Greg Burns is President and Director of Engineering and Product Development.

Bill Craig is Director of Business Dev. Marketing & Sales

Ron Burns handles all Field Service, testing, upgrade implementation, and product evaluation.

2018 Gladwin Machinery Expo, Kansas City

We will have a booth set up at the Gladwin Machinery Fabrication Expo in Kansas City, April 25-26. Bill Craig (Director of Business Dev., Marketing, & Sales) along with Ken Stokes (COO) will be at the Expo. They look forward to seeing our Mid-West customers and will have literature on INTO-N2 NITROGEN GENERATORS along with our latest innovation, INTO-N2’S MHS-750 & MHS-750W Material Handler and Storage Unit.

Into N2, nitrogen generator manufacturer. Cut your nitrogen costs by 70% to 90%.

FabTech 2017 Announcement

PSA-6K-PB4500 nitrogen generator.
INTO-N2 will be providing the Nitrogen for the Mazak Laser Demonstration booth (A4001) at FabTech in Chicago November 6-9-2017. We will be operating our PSA-3000/PB-4500 Ultra-High-Pressure Nitrogen generator producing 99.99+% of purity and stored in our 13,500 SCF storage cassette.

Stop in at the Mazak booth (A4001) and ask any Mazak Rep to show you the generator. The generator will be behind the curtain making Nitrogen for the Mazak Fiber Laser demonstration.

INTO-N2 will also be at the Mazak booth. Greg Burns (President), Ron Burns (Manufacturing Manager), and Bill Craig (Director of Bus. Dev., Marketing & Sales), will be ready to answer any questions on the INTO-N2 Nitrogen Generators.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Bill Craig,
Director of Bus. Dev., Marketing & Sales. 775-781-0064 -

New Product Announcement


This machine can generate Nitrogen in off peak electric hours and store it in High Pressure Cassette’s for use by Laser Cutting shops any time they require Nitrogen.

99.99+% purity guaranteed from a PSA Nitrogen Generator, not liquid N2.

New high pressure, high purity PSA N2 generator with 13,500 cf of N2 gas storage. INTO-N2 builds Nitrogen Generators for the Laser cutting industry. Purity is 99.99% at up to 4,350 psi. 99.99% N2 purity from a PSA Nitrogen Generator. INTO-N2 has just tested their highest purity N2 generator. June 30th 2017 was the final testing of our ultra-high purity, high pressure PSA Generator. INTO-N2 is offering these N2 generators to the Laser cutting industry. These new ultra-high purity high pressure N2 generators allow users to continuously produce 99.99% N2 gas and then store it in high pressure cassettes, to be drawn out as needed in the laser cutting machines.
INTO N2 PSA-6000/PB-4500 PSA-6K-PB-4500 nitrogen generator.

Into N2 Sales Training: March 18th

3d Into N2 logo.
INTO-N2 classes held at factory for training of Manufacturers Representatives. Action Machinery representing sales in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. Fahey Machinery was present, representing California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, & Washington State. Continental breakfast was available, Lunch buffet was severed.

  • The class covered understanding the PSA cycle.
  • Materials being cut and purity of N2 required.
  • Flow rates of Nitrogen.
  • Lab time in the shop with a PSA-6000/PB-500 operating with a Mazak 4000W Fiber Laser.
  • High-Pressure Cassette machines (4,500 psi boost), these machines are designed for high cost electric service areas for peak hour consumption, as well as shops primarily cutting stainless steel.
  • Air requirements and electrical requirements for each model of machine.
  • Controls Operations.
  • How to adjust purity.
  • Locating the generator can be placed (no place where temperatures drop below 34 degrees F). Installation, startup, and Maintenance procedures.
  • Understanding air compressors and air dryers for furnishing air to generator.
  • Questionnaire in assisting a customer on the size of machine required to furnish N2 to their fiber lasers. 2017 pricing for all 6 models of N2 generators.
  • How to calculate ROI.
  • 2017 Standards for Representing INTO-N2.
  • INTO-N2 Financing program.

Into N2 at the 2016 FabTech show

We reserved a booth for our INTO N2 Nitrogen Generators at FABTECH in Las Vegas, November 2016. FABTECH is North America’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding, and Finishing Event.

Fantastic response from show attendee’s, 130 potential sales from show.

Fiber Laser Manufacturers: Bystonic, Mitsubishi, Mazak, Amada, Trumpf, CY Laser, and others came by our booth to discuss applications of the INTO N2 Nitrogen Generators for their customers.

Potential customers from New Zealand & Australia, all across the US, from Canada to South America, all stopped in to see the latest in Nitrogen supply to their Fiber Laser cutting operations.

We had the INTO N2 PSA-3000/PB-500 (SHOWN) at the booth. All 6 of our N2 Generators allow Fiber Laser cutting shops/facilities to produce their own Nitrogen at 75% to 90% less cost than using conventional gas services. Return on investment (ROI) can be 9 months to 24 months.
PSA-3000/PB-500 nitrogen generator at Fabtech booth.